DNA Listserv

The DNA Members listserv is open to all current regular and affiliate members of the DFW Neuropsychological Association. If you are a member and do not yet have listserv access, please email admin@dfwneuro.org to request addition to the listserv. 

This listserv is designed to connect Dallas/Fort Worth area neuropsychologists, trainees, students, and professionals in related disciplines for discussion about consultation, referrals, job/training opportunities, and other information relevant to the field. In order to foster community ties, there is an expectation that all exchanges within the listserv remain professional, civil, and respectful. All members should abide by the following rules when posting on a DNA list: 

a. Respect copyright: Full-text forms of published material should not be posted to the listserv without

the permission of the author and/or publisher. 

b. Keep discussions courteous: Personal attacks such as questioning the ideas, motives, or qualifications

of others should be avoided. Falsely accusing someone of incompetence or fraud can tarnish

reputations. Instead, criticism must remain objective, verified by facts, and devoid of personal attacks. 

a. Avoid commercial use: Exchanges on the listserv are not intended to promote business or financial

interests. Advertisements for non-DNA events or products should be limited. 

b. No societal debates: Topics such as support or opposition of political candidates/parties or religions

should not take place on the listserv. 

a. Do not disrupt network services: Sharing chain letters, computer viruses, or unauthorized entry to

other electronics through the listserv is not permitted.